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What is Mobile Application Penetration Testing?


Mobile application penetration testing assessment

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Chronoats is a CREST accredited Penetration Testing provider in Singapore.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing (a.k.a. Mobile Pentest, Mobile VAPT, Mobile Pen Testing) reveals vulnerabilities in the cyber security posture of a mobile application. Applications running on iOS and Android applications commonly require this assessment. Protect your mobile applications against cyber security threats with softScheck Singapore.

The main attack surface for a mobile security test consists of a conjunction of multiple different tiers of components: app, communication, and back-end server.

Our Mobile App

Pen Testing Approach & Methodology

Our Mobile App Pen Testing methodology is based upon the industry standard Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP Mobile), and our internal manual checklist developed from our research lab in Singapore. The mobile pen testing assessment covers vulnerabilities including, but not limited to:

Application Walkthrough and Binary Analysis


Vulnerability Identification


Vulnerability Exploitation



Manual Application Security Testing (MAST)

Countries around the world, regularly perform a military activity called Red Teaming. The Red Team, comprised of their greatest minds, uses publicly available information and strategically makes plans to exploit any loopholes in the defense and security strategy. MAST stands for Manual Application Security Testing where Chrono Arc Technical Services acts as your Red-Team.

Your Personal Red Team for Mobile App Security

Although our automated systems have been built over years of extensive research and have proven to detect and help neutralize over 100,000 threats, we believe that nothing is as intelligent as the human mind.

At Chrono Arc Technical Services, we’re proud to have put together some of the brightest minds from the industry who have detected threats in applications like Facebook, Skype, Walmart, Snapchat and many more.