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Risk of Violation of the Personal Data Protection

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Stay ahead of evolving risks with proactive assessments

Identify weaknesses and protect your intellectual property from attacks with Chrono Arc Technical Services Ransomware Assessment. Our solution can help minimize the likelihood of ransomware infections, reduce the impact of a ransomware attack and improve your organization’s resiliency.

The interesting thing about court decisions is how they provide some valuable context for the rest of us to learn from – if we choose to pay attention. And while this article is about a Singapore company subject to Singapore law, it does shed some light on how courts may treat cases when going up against either applicable law or even cyberinsurers.



What this means for Singapore organizations is that “Absence of data exfiltration does not necessarily mean that an organisation cannot be found in breach of the PDPA,” according to the case docket.

Minimize the likelihood of ransomware infection

Identify weaknesses and receive recommendations for ways to reduce the attack surface.


Reduce the impact of ransomware

See what is impacted and get recommended controls to help minimize business disruption.


Improve resiliency

Get strategies for how to reduce ransomware exposure, strengthen security practices and controls, and increase incident response and preparedness—enabling a more secure environment.

Trusted By The World's Best Organizations

Features and Specs

  • Experts perform black, white or gray box scanning
  • Quarterly re-scans of internal and external IPs to monitor progress over time
  • Evaluation of security controls within your practice and a gauge of their effectiveness
  • Designated consultant to advise on technical measures to help reduce risk
  • Evaluation of backup strategy, review backup policy, procedures and processes
  • Review of network architecture and segmentation strategy
  • Review of data classification policies, data flows and understand how you collect, process, store, manage and dispose of your data
  • Evaluation of current protection against malware Review of business continuity program and incident response plans
  • Lumen security consultant will provide regular reporting on open vulnerabilities and your progress towards remediation
  • Comprehensive gap analysis and tailored roadmap to reduce risk of ransomware
  • Designated consultant to advise you on technical measures to help reduce risk
  • Evaluate and refine risk management program
  • Awareness and training recommendations for personnel and staff
  • Incident response tabletop exercise and recommendations on how to improve